Performance hit when Debugging WPF Application in Visual Studio

This whole thing happened when I had to debug a simple WPF Application and I noticed decoy of performance lag inside of Visual Studio.  The performance lag was such,  I had to wait a considerable seconds for each line to be processed inside the IDE.  Initially, I thought this to be another VS issue – but sooner I found, the issue to be some thing else since rebooting my workstation didn’t help. ‘Binging’ later did help me to come around this issue, which I had tried to cover up in this Blog Post.

Root Cause:

If you had come up to here, you sure ought to be a .NET Developer or an Enthusiast at least. So you must have known Microsoft ships only 32-bit versions of Visual Studio up till this date – but this doesn’t restricts you from developing 64-bit applications.  This being said; when you deploy a 64-bit application, Visual Studio uses an Remote Debugger (Say an Emulator) to help you with this.  However, if you are not concentrating on 64-bit development you can change your project settings to x86 for better debugging experience.


You can see the Task Manager, saying about the Resources being handled by the Remote Debugger (which I was talking about in the Root Cause, in this post).

Task Manager Visual Studio 2012 Remote Debugging

To debug your application as 32 Bit Application, Just goto Project | Properties | Set Platform Target to ‘x86’

Visual Studio Project Properties

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